Why Pro-Tech Means Better Printer and Copier Service

One of the many things I’ve always been proud of at Visual Edge IT Ohio is our exceptional service department. Since Konica Minolta started its Pro-Tech Service Award program 22 years ago for its more than 700 U.S. dealers, only Visual Edge IT Ohio has won it every year. Believe me, it hasn’t been easy. Only about 60 dealers are selected annually.

I’ve invited Ed Brudzinski, our service manager since 1999, to explain more about the Pro-Tech designation:

Konica Minolta evaluates our printer/copier maintenance, troubleshooting and on-site repair work in several key areas, including service management, continuing education and training completion, service metrics (how fast we respond and how often things are fixed right the first time), customer satisfaction and equipment inspection.

During this process, which can take months to complete, inspectors review:

  • The speed and accuracy of our printer/copier repairs.
  • The level of training and expertise our service technicians have achieved with Konica Minolta photocopier and printer equipment and software.
  • The satisfaction level of our customers, based on documentation and three randomly selected interviews.
  • The appearance and overall performance of the equipment itself during the random interviews.

We strive for the Pro-Tech Award because it makes us a better service department. Also, it makes us aware of the important part we play in satisfying Visual Edge IT Ohio’ customers – who can be confident that we’ll keep their Konica Minolta printers and copiers running for years to come.  ~ Ed Brudzinski

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