Meet The Teacher – Champion April 2013

Champion April 2013

Visual Edge IT Ohio Office Solutions Teacher of the Month for April 2013 is Mrs. Jennifer Soloman, third grade teacher at Champion Central Elementary Warren, OH.

Mrs. Soloman sets high standards for her students with an emphasis on structure. This kind-hearted educator is also a leader amongst her peers. She has a passion for educating not only her third­graders but student teachers as well. Mrs. Soloman is a class act and is truly dedicated to making Champion a better school.

Sales Executive Tony Pantone, General Sales Manager Chip Reihl, MPS Specialist, Noelle Frank and Marketing Director Denise Dennewitz presented Mrs. Soloman with flowers, gift bag, a banner, and a certificate to commemorate the event. The students also enjoyed “Color Me Green” Konica Minolta Coloring books, crayons and cookies!

Commercials will air over two weeks on HOT 101 congratulating Mrs. Soloman.