Seven Signs Your Small Business Needs an IT Services Company

IT service company in North Canton, Canton, Akron and YoungstownWhen I think back to what doing business was like just 20 years ago, I am amazed at how quickly computer and information technology have become indispensable for the vast majority of companies. When a computer freezes, things get delayed. When a network crashes, work ceases!

If you are a small business owner – or manage a small office, say at a church, physician practice or manufacturing plant – you often can not afford an in-house IT staff or specialist, and you may think outsourcing business computer services is too costly for your budget. But what would happen to your productivity, deliveries, record-keeping and other vital information if you had no way to access it or repair a major problem?

If any of the following seven signs apply to your business, then I encourage you to think seriously about finding a good third-party IT services provider:

  1. Your computers and your network are running more and more slowly. This is a big red flag, of course, and usually indicates that a crash is imminent. Continuing to put up with it means inefficiency at best and the potential for losing critical data at worst.
  2. You call your nephew when things go wrong. Although your nephew may be a “genius” when it comes to writing website code, he may not have the experience or know-how to fix your particular systems and hardware.
  3. You have no back-up strategy or disaster recovery plan. If your data is not protected in the event of a systems malfunction or (worst case scenario) a natural disaster of some kind, you stand to lose whatever you’re tracking with your computers. For most organizations, that’s everything!
  4. You are not keeping up with IT updates or using the latest operating systems. If you keep ignoring system updates and upgrades, eventually that will catch up with you. Programs will no longer function or integrate with other, more advanced software and web-based technology.
  5. You are not confident that your network is virus free. Do your computers do “funny things” or seem to have a lot of glitches? If yes, you could have a potentially dangerous virus in your system that can damage or destroy your data.
  6. You’ve outgrown the capabilities of your current network. When your operation grows, the technology must grow with it. If not, you stand a good chance of disappointing customers or missing critical deadlines because your equipment and systems can not keep up.
  7. Your network is unsecured. In a time when data and identity theft are common, you simply can not afford to leave potentially sensitive information unprotected.

If you recognize any of these signs at your business or organization, you are definitely at risk and need to work with a reputable, affordable computer service provider. The company you choose should be well-versed in taking care of assessments, disaster recovery plans, printers and copiers, virus and malware elimination, network and phone cabling, ISP consulting, preventive maintenance and more.

Do you own a small business or manage an office in Northeast Ohio, including Canton, North Canton, Massillon, Akron, Youngstown and beyond? If yes, Visual Edge IT Ohio can help you with IT services. Contact us for more information.

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