Setting Goals in Sales and Life

Power of goal settingWhether you want to improve your sales, lose weight or even buy a new car, you need to understand how to set goals and apply yourself diligently to achieving them. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of goal setting because it’s been a key component in my sales and business success for years.

The following steps, as explained by Visual Edge IT Ohio Sales Manager Chip Reihl, can help you define your goals – whatever they may be – and learn how to make practical forward progress:

Goal setting, at the start, requires having a mental conversation with yourself. Start by asking these questions,

  • What’s the benefit of this goal for me? Is this goal my own, or does someone else want this for me? To successfully reach a goal, it must be your personal goal.
  • Is this goal consistent with other goals in my life? Goals cannot be in conflict. For example, you can’t resolve to spend eight waking hours of every weekday with your family and also actively climb the corporate ladder. Those two goals don’t mesh well together.
  • Can I see myself reaching this goal? If the goal is too big or far-fetched, you’ll set yourself up to fail. If it’s not challenging enough, you’ll have little motivation and few achievements.
  • Will my life be in balance when I reach my goals? You don’t want to be more miserable when you finish than when you started. A good goal should help you maintain harmony in your life.

Once you’ve truthfully answered these questions, here’s how to set goals:

  1. Write it down. If the goal stays just in your head, you probably won’t accomplish it.
  2. Be specific. List details and a reasonable, yet motivating time frame.
  3. Break the goal down into bite-sized pieces. Create an action plan that’s consistent with your goal and keeps you moving forward, a little at a time. You need to compare long-range goals to the day-to-day goals (big picture vs. daily grind).
  4. List and identify any obstacles that may stand in the way. Decide beforehand how you will deal with these obstacles when they pop up. Be mentally prepared.
  5. Associate with people who will help you achieve your goal. Avoid those who will be negative about what you’re trying to accomplish.
  6. Make the goal as public as possible. Hang a sign in your office (or on your fridge) and ask others to help you stay accountable.
  7. Start now. Don’t wait for New Year’s Day or some other “perfect” time.

Today is the right day to set a goal and start your journey toward it. You’ve got all the tools you need to make a plan and achieve it.

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