Performance Guarantee

Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed Fast Service or Free Credit

When your copier shuts down, your office does not. That is why we make it our goal to offer the fastest service in the industry. In fact, we promise to respond to emergency calls within four business hours. If we do not meet this pledge for any reason, you receive a 10% credit on your next purchase because that’s just who we are as a business. At Visual Edge IT Ohio, we do more than fix it fast, we fix it right the first time. Our award winning service technicians are trained to find the source of the problem on the first visit, saving everyone time and money!

Guaranteed Free Loaner Copiers

In the unlikely event a copier cannot be repaired onsite, we provide you with a loaner copier free of charge. We still want your office to produce the best work possible so if your copier is being serviced at our location, you can still produce outstanding, quality copies with a loaner copier that offers equal or greater capabilities. You don’t have to pay extra to make copies on the loaner. Normal copy usage charges apply.

Guaranteed Free Replacement Copiers

At Visual Edge IT Ohio, we are serious when we say we guarantee our copiers for seven years. If your copier cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a copier that provides equal or greater capabilities.

Guaranteed Flexible Equipment Upgrades

As your business grows, your needs may change. We plan for your success with upgrade options that allow you to take advantage of the latest technology on your lease program. Now you can trade up your equipment to get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Guaranteed In-Stock Supplies

With one phone call, you can order all your copier supplies. We keep a full line of quality supplies in our warehouses. Each item has been selected for its ability to maximize copier performance which helps reduce our carbon footprint as well. Each is offered at the most competitive price in the marketplace so you don’t have to look at other places for parts or supplies. We are your one-stop shop.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

We guarantee our copiers will perform up to manufacturers’ specifications for seven years. We back our guarantee with cutting edge technology, high performance supplies and exceptional technical service and support. And, with our flexible lease upgrades, you are ensured that you’ll always have the technology you need for optimum productivity. If there’s one important guarantee, it’s this one. No one should have to worry about office equipment or supplies. We’ll take that off your plate so you can breathe easier and concentrate on growing your business to be the enterprise you imagined.

A Guarantee that delivers what it promises: Security