Pro-Tech Service Award

The Pro-Tech Service Award recognizes those dealerships that are able to demonstrate an exceptional commitment to customer support and satisfaction. It is a symbol of quality. An assurance of professional, reliable service and maximum performance for your Konica Minolta Office Products.

The Pro-Tech Service standard is difficult to achieve and the evaluation procedure is exhaustive. Every element of the service operation—management skills, inventory control, technical expertise, dispatch systems, customer satisfaction, and more—is scrutinized and measured.

This rigid standard is the very reason this award is meaningful and should be followed with dedication to competence and proficiency. We at Visual Edge IT Ohio have the distinction of being a recipient of this award and to be selected into this group is an honor we don’t take for granted. We give you the promise that if you need our services in any area you’ll get…

  • Service Response time that is significantly better than the industry average.

  • Preventative maintenance programs that are on time, every time.
  • Inventory control systems that assure immediate access to replacement parts and components.
  • Comprehensive training programs and performance reviews to maintain the highest levels of expertise.
  • Highly skilled technical specialists and service personnel trained on your products.

Factory-Certified Technicians

Visual Edge IT Ohio service technicians are factory-trained and certified according to strict guidelines by our in-house factory trainer. Service technicians are assigned to local areas and are able to keep response times low. For example, downtown Canton has six technicians assigned to the area. We know no one likes waiting for the tech crew while the company could be losing money all the while. Our technicians will get you back on track with speed and efficiency.

Customer Call Center

Our customer call center is staffed with trained service technicians who can immediately access your account, identify the problem and can often solve it right over the phone. If a technician is required, one will be dispatched at that time either by page, cell phone or laptop computer.

Advanced Technical Team

Our advanced technical team is trained and certified to address all issues related to your network and the latest digital technology because sometimes the IT issues may be more than just the physical devices.

We are committed to your satisfaction in every way, shape and form!

The Pro-Tech Award gives you, the customer, a distinctive advantage. You’re assured that we have the skills, the people and the systems to keep your equipment operating at the highest levels of productivity!