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Change the way your office works with our copying and printing solutions. Let us help you choose the right printers and copiers for your business. We’ll help you capitalize on every opportunity with convenience and ease of use.


  • All-in-one copier, printing, faxing and scanning devices designed for workflow efficiency
  • Up to 75 ppm


  • Wide range solutions for every business need
  • 22-55 ppm


  • Light volume solutions for greater accuracy and reduced costs.
  • Less than 21 ppm

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Print Management

You spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on printing, copying, faxing and filing documents each year. Do you know exactly how much it is costing you? The Visual Edge IT Ohio Office Solutions print assessment can help you with that.

First we work with you on understanding your paper processes and work flow. We look at who has access to files, who needs access and where you keep those files. Do the files need to be scanned? Once they are scanned, where should they go? Will one copier with scanning capabilities be enough?

We will look at where you would like your faxes to go. Do they have to be printed? Would it be better if your faxes were electronically stored or routed to your email in-box instead? Once stored, you decide if they need to be printed. Save some paper save a tree right?

Does everyone in your office have a printer on their desk? Here are some options to consider. When the printer breaks down, who fixes it? Maybe it’s someone from your IT department but why have them waste time to run around and fix printers when there is more important work to be done? Trust Visual Edge IT Ohio to handle your copiers as well as your printers. Do your printers constantly run out of toner? Isn’t that a lovely coincidence that our services include toner supplies as well?! The cost of toner will be included in your service agreement. No more guess work on costs and believe us, your IT department will thank you for lightening their work load. Do you make all of your copies and then have someone assemble and staple them? What if your copier equipment would do that for you to save time?

We take all of this into consideration before we make our final recommendation. After that, it’s up to you!

Here’s the breakdown of the five steps of what we can do to get you started on managing your printing and document costs.


Visual Edge IT Ohio’ Managed Print Services

With Visual Edge IT Ohio’ outstanding Managed Print Services you can rely on our advanced technical staff to keep your fleet of laser printers functioning at the highest levels of performance. Our MPS is renowned for giving customers savings by getting rid of the pesky costs associated with printing supplies. The cost per page program we will convert your system over to, is all inclusive with labor, toner and parts, all for one low charge. At Visual Edge IT Ohio, our commitment to service excellence applies to our Visual Edge IT Ohio’ MPS solution and the same Service Guarantee is offered to all our printers under contract.

Types of Information Collected

Our safe and secure Managed Print Services technology collects important information from your imaging devices, such as:

  • Page Counts
  • Power Consumption
  • Cost per Page Tracking
  • Toner Levels
  • Trending Reports
  • Device Status
  • Asset Number
  • Location
  • Serial Number
  • Maintenance Kit Levels
  • Utilization
  • Device Description
  • LCD Reading

Are Your Printing Costs Through the Roof?!

If you’re trying to calculate savings or if you feel overwhelmed with spending, let Visual Edge IT Ohio help.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many printers, copiers, MFPs do you have?
  • Are they being used efficiently?
  • How often are they in need of service?
  • How often are your printers out of toner or ink?
  • How old are they?
  • How much time and money is spent fixing printing devices?
  • Do you know how much power your existing machines use?
  • How much do you think it costs you to process and pay invoices?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, you risk losing money you may not even be aware of!

Managed Print Services to the Rescue!

Visual Edge IT Ohio is the place for all of your office equipment solutions and savings. Our award-winning staff of professional technicians are trained to service virtually any printer, Konica Minolta copier, fax machine or scanner.

We can’t brag enough about out Cost per Copy program which will allow you to say ‘goodbye’ to expensive cartridge costs and ‘hello’ to savings on toner, parts, labor and preventive visits in one low per copy charge.

The Visual Edge IT Ohio Performance Guarantee Program guarantees an emergency response time of four working hours or less which can make all the difference if something were to ever go wrong.

Program Benefits

Ways that Visual Edge IT Ohio will maintain and supply your printers/copiers are through trending reports, maintenance scheduling and service alerts.

The need for emergency services will reduce while the time your IT Department has to work on other projects will go up.

Budget for Printing Costs!

Visual Edge IT Ohio will be able to quickly track the printing devices you have, and how much they are costing you because Meter Collection will now be automated! It’s just another way we can save you time and money.

Take Control of your Printing Environment

Visual Edge IT Ohio will recommend specific actions you can take with your printing assets to save time and money. However you want to go about it, we’ll be there to assist.

  • Consolidations Retirements
  • Reallocations Replacements

How much can you save?

A recent survey from IDC concluded that implementing a managed print services program could result in the following savings:

  • 23% average overall cost savings!
  • 40% reduction in IT help desk calls
  • 25% cost reduction in consumables
  • 20% decrease in spending for unscheduled maintenance
  • 10% cost reduction in installation and upgrades
  • 5% cost reduction in acquisition


No personal data is ever collected with the Data Collection Agent.

Managed Print Services software collects printer and copier metrics using the Data Collection Agent (DCA). The information collected by the DCA is stored in the memory of the devices; information like page counts, device description and the device status. Your personal data will be guaranteed safe and untouched. The DCA is a software application that is installed on a networked computer running Windows Server/XP or higher; it does not require a specific computer. You can customize the transmission interval to determine how often it will perform a device discovery and with the program designed to run as a Windows server, you’ll get 24/7 service. After each device discovery, the collected data will be sent to the Visual Edge IT Ohio trusted web server.

The DCA uses one-way communication. Two-way communication can be enabled for automatic updates. The collected data is sent via port 443, SSL 128 bit encryption to the Visual Edge IT Ohio web server. The DCA collects device data using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

It gathers printer metric data at regular intervals from printer and MFP devices on the network. Data can also be collected on some devices connected to external print servers, however only one device per external print server can be detected, regardless of the number of ports. Once again, no personal or user data is collected with the DCA.

The Data Collection Agent has an Intelligent Update option that allows an administrator from Visual Edge IT Ohio to post actions, such as DCA software updates or configuration changes on the Visual Edge IT Ohio server for the DCA to receive. The Intelligent Update option is enabled and disabled at the end user location. We give you the tools you need to better manage your printers or copiers. All you need to do is activate them.

Information Collected

The DCA attempts to collect the following information from printing devices during a network scan:

  • IP Address (can be masked)
  • Device Description
  • Serial Number
  • Meter reads
  • Monochrome or Color ID
  • LCD reading
  • Device Status
  • Error Codes
  • Toner Levels
  • Toner Cartridge Serial No.
  • Maintenance Kit Levels
  • Non-toner supply levels
  • Asset Number
  • Location
  • MAC address
  • Manufacturer
  • Firmware
  • Misc. (Machine Specific)

No Print Job or User Data is Collected

Network Traffic

There is little network traffic created by the DCA, and it will vary depending on the number of IP addresses being scanned. The table outlines the network load associated with the DCA compared to the network load associated with loading a single standard webpage.

Managed Print Services Data Collector Agent is in compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA and GLBA.

The use of Managed Print Services software applications will NOT have an impact on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act accordance as it is not intended to be used a part of an internal control structure as outlined in section 404: Management. Assessment of Internal Controls and will not interfere with these controls. Under this Act, corporate executives and leaders become responsible for establishing, evaluating, and monitoring the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting. There are IT systems designed specifically for meeting these objectives. Managed Print Services software is different because is not designed as an IT control system and won’t interfere with or put at risk other systems intended for that purpose.

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System Security

Protecting sensitive electronic and online information is of greater concern than ever before. Technology isn’t the only thing up to date; so are criminals on how to steal or take over websites, information and electronic documents. With the increase of connected multi-functional office products, Konica Minolta realizes that protecting electronic documents processed by bizhub secure MFPs is an absolute requirement to keep your business safe and worry free. Our goal is to make bizhub products the most secure MFPs available on the market today.

Konica Minolta works with third-party security consultants to check each printer or copier system to eliminate any possible threat from attack through the network or the phone line, as well as the possibility of the HDD or RAM being removed from the machine. We want to make sure our products are up to most secure standard out there so having another set of eyes will help protect your information and assets. Our MFPs can make it so that documents copied, scanned, faxed or otherwise transmitted, do not remain stored on the hard drive or in DRAM memory as a standard feature.

Additional standard security capabilities include:

ISO 15408 EAL Level 3 Certification for the Total System ArchitectureKonica Minolta MFPs are independently certified to the ISO 15408 Data security standard as established by the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. What makes Konica Minolta stand out from the rest is that the entire system, not just one part, is certified. It gives you the best security possible while being in accordance with safety regulations.

Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) is a numerical grade assigned to an IT product following the completion of a Common Criteria evaluation, an international standard for computer security certification. Other MFPs in the market have only an Evaluation Assurance Level 2 but not Konica Minolta’s products. We provide ISO 15408 EAL3 Security Certification. This EAL represents an increase in assurance from EAL2 by requiring more complete testing coverage of the security functions, mechanisms, and procedures that provide some confidence that the target of evaluation will not be tampered with during development. We adhere to the highest levels of safety because we want to give our customers peace of mind.

Hard Drive Data Protection

  • HDD Lock Password – The internal Hard Drive can be locked using a password of 20 alphanumeric characters. The data stored on the HDD is protected. Even if the HDD is removed from the MFP and installed into a different MFP or PC, the data cannot be read because the hard drive will not turn on.

  • Hard Drive Encryption – Bizhub MFPs support Hard Drive Encryption and you can decide if you would like them standard on your machine or optional. Hard drive data can be encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Once a hard drive is encrypted the data cannot be read even if the HDD is removed from the MFP.

  • Hard Drive Sanitization – At disposal a key operator, administrator or technician can physically erase the hard drive if the MFP needs to be relocated or if it’s at the end of a lease. The hard drives can be overwritten (sanitized) using up to eight different highly secure methods including DOD, NASA, Air Force, and NSA standards. However you need to load or get rid of information, Visual Edge IT Ohio and Konica Minalto will be there when you’re ready.

  • Data Auto Deletion – Data Auto Deletion allows an administrator to set an auto deletion timer for data stored in the personal or public user boxes, as well as system boxes (e.g. secure print box or encrypted PDF print box). The auto deletion setting will erase the copy, print, scan or fax jobs stored in boxes, depending on the storage period and the time frame selected for deletion. The data is automatically erased using a highly secure, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), overwrite method. We know that the last thing you need is a crowded and over worked computer or hard drive. Auto Deletion gets rid of unneeded documents or folders so you can make room for the things that matter.

  • Automatic Job Overwrite (Temporary Data Overwrite) – Most bizhub MFPs support automatic erase of any temporary image data that might remain on the hard drive after a job is completed. Unclog your machine’s memory or quickly get rid of sensitive forms or documents that might have been scanned or copied. Temporary Data overwrite conforms to DoD methods as well so you don’t have to worry that your business is lulled into false security.

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Wide Format Solutions and Supplies

GEI WideFormat specializes in workflow solutions incorporating leading wide format scanning technologies, marks-on-paper technologies, connectivity solutions, wide format supplies and application software. Our integrated wide format printing, wide format scanning and wide format copier solutions are specially tailored for the engineering, imaging and custom print-on-demand markets.

Affordable wide format scanner workflow solutions for Architects, Engineers, Construction, GIS, Building Services, Facilities Management, Photographers, Artist, Technical and Cad Drawing Offices and all other wide format scanning needs.

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We are proud to offer an assortment of affordable large format printers. Our wide format printers off state-of-the-art large-format printing solutions design with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality.

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