Konica Minolta Debuts New Production Print Equipment

Digital commercial print equipment for Canton, Akron, Youngstown, Toledo and OhioJust as technology has changed dramatically with business copiers and printers in recent years, the same holds true for commercial printing. You no longer need a large offset press to create quality, affordable printed materials at high volumes. Konica Minolta, for example, offers a wide range of high-end production printing equipment that makes it easy for printers and even in-house printing shops to:

  • Lower costs
  • Boost production efficiency and output
  • Deliver even better-looking printed products

For a commercial printer, all that can add up to one thing: increased profitability. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your digital printing machines, I would like to share some new options for you to consider.

High-volume, Digital Press Equipment for Color, B&W

bizhub® PRESS C8000 & C7000: Color
Certified by IDEAlliance Digital Press System, the bizhub PRESS C8000 and C7000 Color Digital Presses are designed to meet demands of the commercial offset, high-volume and mid-production digital environments. They offer superior color accuracy, enhanced media handling and impressive productivity.

bizhub PRESS C70hc: Color
Ideal for corporate environments, the bizhub PRESS C70hc creates a wide range of printed pieces – including marketing and advertising materials – with color and images that pop and clear, crisp text.

bizhub PRESS 1250 / 1052 Series: Black & White
These B&W digital presses combine superior strength, high-resolution image quality and simple operation with the versatile paper handling and finishing capabilities needed for maximum flexibility.

bizhub PRO 951: a Smaller Professional Press
Announced earlier this summer, the bizhub PRO 951 is a professional production print system that features superior image quality, fail-safe paper handling and long-run reliability all in a manageable footprint.

KM-1: on the Horizon
In the near future, Konica Minolta will roll out its B2 cut-sheet, UV inkjet press, called the KM-1. This upcoming inkjet press targets commercial printing environments for integration into existing pre- and post-press workflows.

Software and Systems for Production Printing Equipment

Color Care Software v2.2: Correct Color Output
The latest version of Konica Minolta’s Color Care Suite features

  • Improved and streamlined GUI
  • Statistics mode to plot and track color differences
  • Optional CurveCore module for G7 tonal characteristics
  • An FD-5 Spectrodensitometer that’s shown in conjunction with the Color Care Suite.

Printgroove® Queue/Ready: for Light Production Printing
CRD and small- to mid-sized print shop applications will like Printgroove. It’s the key to greater output power and increased satisfaction for customers and corporate clients. It can easily fit into your workflow, handling rising traffic volume and accommodating your business processes demand.

Dispatcher Pro
Dispatcher Pro is a simple yet powerful software application that automates document handling, printing and routing.

IT Services for Konica Minolta Digital Printing Machines

All Covered: Managed IT services from Konica Minolta
This service is specifically for commercial printers and supports the needs of small to medium-sized print service providers. All Covered offers help desk and on-site support, 24×7 monitoring, security, business continuity and cloud servers.

Fiery Central: Print Engine Management
Konica Minolta is now offering an updated version of its popular Fiery Central, which brings scalability and productivity to your existing printing assets by integrating into your production systems. Fiery Central manages a wide range of print engines from a consistent and centralized interface, extending operator capabilities.

If you’re a commercial printer in Canton, Akron, Youngstown, or elsewhere in Ohio or Western Pennsylvania, we can help you with all your production print equipment needs. Contact us for more information.