How Managed Print Services Can Save You Money

Managed Print Services ProductivityThe typical office spends thousands of dollars each year on printing, copying, faxing and filing documents. Are your resources being used efficiently? A print assessment by Visual Edge IT Ohio’ Managed Print Services department can help you identify areas of improvement that could result in sizable monetary savings.

Managed Print Services Specialist Noelle Frank has a knack for understanding client needs and suggesting the best way to manage a company’s printer costs and maintenance. She has helped multiple businesses in Canton, Akron, Youngstown and Western Pennsylvania attain a better perspective of their printing needs—and saved them money in the process. Here is how.

Printer and Copier Assessment

When I visit a client’s office for the first time, my initial goal is to monitor their current printing environment, processes and workflow. To provide the best solution, I work to understand how the client is managing print services on their own. My initial assessment includes a physical inventory of equipment, how staff uses the equipment and typical workflow patterns.

The next step involves analysis to provide business owners with a complete overview of total cost of ownership, as well as costly or inefficient processes. Identifying total print expenditures can be a real eye opener for many customers. In fact, we found that one area school district was spending $30,000 a year in toner and ink alone! Their IT person was heavily involved in repairing printers, leaving little time for supply sourcing. Our solution freed up the IT person to work on other things and provided the district with service and supplies for all of their printers at a savings of $13,000 a year!

Workflow Management

The next step in the process is to visualize alternative workflow patterns by first looking at current equipment locations and usage. Is there a way to reduce the number of older printers and copiers and consolidate those functions into one piece of equipment that can do it all? It is also important to ensure your staff is using their time in the most productive manner possible.

Consider this example of an area government agency with a help desk that employees would call whenever they had a printer issue. Instead of their IT staff being interrupted throughout the day, I suggested that the help desk call our experienced technicians to fix any printer problems they encounter. Add cost-saving initiatives that resulted in an annual savings of $15,000 a year, and you can begin to see how Managed Print Services can be a boon for your business.

Finally, another area business has benefited from ongoing account reviews that allow us to make recommendations based on changing printer needs. We recently automated their toner ordering and now send out toner if we see their printers are getting low—just one benefit of the remote monitoring that Managed Print Services offers.

How much could your business save? If you are a business owner in Canton, Akron, Youngstown or Western Pennsylvania, contact us today to find out.