Visual Edge IT Ohio Presents Teacher of the Month Award

Diehl_no1WEBHere at Visual Edge IT Ohio, we love teachers! We admire them for working tirelessly each day to educate our children and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges. We also appreciate how they motivate their students and provide them with positive role models.

To show our appreciation, Denise Dennewitz, our marketing director, recently had the pleasure of presenting the first Visual Edge IT Ohio Office Solutions Teacher of the Month award to Mrs. Sharon Diehl, second grade teacher at Champion Central Elementary School in Warren, OH.

Mrs. Diehl has been teaching for 35 years and is still the most requested teacher, a testament to her dedication to her students. Her principal says she is a high-quality teacher who goes out of her way to reach each and every student. She is also very organized, a trait that she teaches to her students, and is often described as sweet and loving.

Diehl_giftbagWEBDenise presented a surprised and honored Mrs. Diehl with flowers, a balloon, a banner, and a GEI/Konica Minolta swag bag to commemorate the event. Her 22 students were so well behaved and appreciated the “Color Me Green” Konica Minolta coloring books and crayons they received as well. When Mrs. Diehl asked the class to read the banner she received, Denise said she thought “congratulations” might be a big word for second graders, but they had no trouble, shouting in unison, “Congratulations Mrs. Diehl!”

The kids also loved the cookies donated by the local Sparkle Market. Denise told them to listen for their teacher’s name on Youngstown Hot101 radio station and to look for her name in the local newspaper. One little boy proclaimed, “Mrs. Diehl, you’re going to be chip_diehlWEBfamous!”

To top it all off, Mrs. Diehl said she uses our Konica Minolta copier all the time and loves it! What a rewarding experience for all involved. We plan to continue our Teacher of the Month program each school year, recognizing a different teacher October through May with the cooperation of the school.

Once again, we applaud you, Mrs. Diehl!


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