Visual Edge IT Ohio: On the Air for Wishes Can Happen


If you missed the opportunity to hear our recent broadcast on News-Talk 1480 WHBC, then let me tell you about a wonderful local organization we have been making radio waves about. Wishes Can Happen grants wishes for Ohio children and young adults with serious and life-limiting medical conditions. It is an all-volunteer organization, so 100 percent of the proceeds go straight to the kids and their families!

Our generous employees donated $500 to Wishes Can Happen, and Visual Edge IT Ohio matched it for a total of $1,000. In addition, we gave two gift certificates for the Spa at Atrium to Nathan Williamson, who we were blessed to have met as part of our broadcast.

Nathan’s body keeps producing tumors. Early last year, he had two tumors removed from his abdomen; a few months later, tumors appeared on his brain and in other parts of his body. Part of his wish was to get a massage. Since we had the gift certificates, I called Atrium to make an appointment for him and his girlfriend to get massages. It was a delight to see his face light up! Massages help relieve the pain he experiences every day so being able to help in one small way was a gift to us as well. 

I want to send a special thank you to Lynda Pwarck for the gift cards. Perfect timing! And many thanks to Bethany, Noelle and Karen for the great pictures you see above and for their support during our radio debut.

Finally, a special thanks to all Visual Edge IT Ohio employees who donated! What a great cause!

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