Farewell Don Frank. You will be missed!


Forty years ago my father and his two brothers followed their dream of starting a service business in Canton, Ohio.  Their motto at the time was “We Fix ‘Em All” and while their strategy was fairly ordinary, their passion was remarkable.  In fact, their passion is what inspired family and friends to invest time, talent and resources into a start-up business without knowing for sure what the future would hold. 

My Dad would say that Visual Edge IT Ohio was “divinely founded” and his strong faith and dedication are both cornerstones in what we are today.  Like so many companies, we started as a dream but unlike most, we not only survived but grew into a leading provider of office equipment, professional service, software solutions and consumables to thousands of customers all over Northeastern Ohio. 

 I am proud to lead the company that my father started and I am deeply saddened by his death on September 13, 2011.  Since his passing, I’ve heard hundreds of heartfelt stories describing how he quietly touched the lives of others in a very profound way.  Dad had a way of making his friends and family feel special and never missed an opportunity to say “I love you”.  In fact, many people proclaim the title of being Dad’s “favorite” and in many small ways, I’m sure they were.

 Continuing my father’s legacy is something I take great pride in.  He was my mentor, advisor and friend. In fact, he helped me build my own career at Visual Edge IT Ohio.  I will forever appreciate his knack for building relationships and will never take for granted the value of friends, customers, family, and anyone simply needing to feel special. 

While Visual Edge IT Ohio has lost a true champion, it is my commitment to approach each day with the same spirit, passion and enthusiasm that my father and his brothers did over 40 years ago. 

My dad always gave me great advice.  What was the best advice you have ever received?

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