Download Konica Minolta Printer Drivers for Windows 7

Few things in business are as challenging as system upgrades. The devil certainly is in the details. One issue we’ve been getting frequent calls about is upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7 and how that affects printers, copiers and multifunction machines. I’ve invited John Sedlak, our IT director, to provide some helpful tips on making this transition:

You’ve recently upgraded to Windows 7, or perhaps you’ve purchased hardware that runs on this new operating system (OS). Hopefully, you planned ahead and also upgraded the drivers for all the multifunction printers and copiers in your office. But, if you didn’t, you probably can’t scan or print anything, right?

Good news! There is a do-it-yourself solution available if you’ve got a Konica Minolta printer. You can download printer drivers for Windows 7 on the Konica Minolta support & drivers search page.

Here are a few key things you need to know before downloading a driver from the matrix:

  • Is your OS a 32-bit or 64-bit system? Find out by clicking the start button on your PC, then control panel, then system and maintenance, and then clicking system. Under system, you can view the system type.
  • What kind of Konica Minolta equipment do you have? Locate the product group, type and name, which will be available in the paperwork and/or manual you received at the time of purchase or leasing. This information can also be found on the machine itself, usually on the front panel.
  • If possible, determine what printer language your application(s) requires. Most anything manufactured in the past five years has PCL and PostScript capabilities right out of the box.  If you’re not sure, download and install PCL6.  It’s the most common PDL (page description language), and most applications know how to work with it.

Once you have these items, you’re ready to do an advanced search and narrow things down. The advanced search link can be found in the left-hand menu box on the Konica Minolta support & drivers search page. Enter the required information or select it from the provided drop-down menus. In the file type category, select “drivers.” Once the site points you to the right driver for your printer, follow the downloading instructions.

If you’re struggling to get your printer and driver to talk across your network, you may need some technical expertise. Visual Edge IT Ohio‘ advanced technical team can help. With years of experience in integrating printers, copiers and other office equipment with computer networks, we can help you get everything running again quickly and cost-efficiently. Contact us for more information.

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