Do You Have the Right Printers and Copiers for Your Office?

Selecting the Right Printers and CopiersWe hear a lot about productivity and efficiency in today’s modern office, but how does that translate to your business? You may be wondering, how can I be any more efficient than I am right now? The answer may lie in the equipment you use on a daily basis, specifically your printers and copiers.

In this week’s post, I will pose some questions to help you determine if your current equipment is still meeting your needs, or if an update would significantly impact your bottom line.

Your Business Has Changed, But Not Your Equipment

Business is booming, and you have added staff as a result. Kudos! In today’s economy, that is fantastic news. But have you considered how many people are now sharing the same printer and copier equipment? If just one person prints large jobs on a regular basis, that can put other tasks on hold—not exactly productive or efficient.

Or perhaps your business has changed, and you need the ability to not only copy and print, but also to scan documents and fax directly from your PC. Good news—there is equipment for that! Specifically, Konica Minolta multi-function printers feature AutoStore, a server-based application that facilitates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications such as Microsoft Word. You can even edit scanned documents for added convenience.

Case in point? You have a busy accounting department that receives hundreds of invoice forms and checks that need to be scanned, the images cleaned up, the information indexed, and then sent on to managers at different branch offices for review before being archived into a central repository.

With AutoStore, workflow can be set up to scan forms and checks, even improving the quality of the image if needed. It also assigns an indexing code, classifies the invoices according to who needs to review them, and then digitizes everything into PDF format. AutoStore can then route the invoices to individuals and the checks to a central database repository.

How can you do all that, you ask? With one click from the panel of your Konica Minolta copier, scanner or multi-function printer! It really is that simple.

You Need to Save Money

When you are looking to save money, purchasing new equipment can sound counterproductive. If your current copier meets your needs, then why upgrade? For starters, if your copier just copies it is probably outdated. All the newer equipment comes with printing and scanning, and I just shared how beneficial the ability to scan can be. So you may have a copier, an older fax, a couple printers—both black-and-white and color—and now you need to purchase a scanner. This is a sure sign that you could streamline costs by upgrading to an all-in-one MFP that can handle all those functions.

Also keep in mind that newer equipment has an overall lower cost of operation. In addition, by adding features to your equipment, you can also lower your print costs. For example, if you add a fax kit to your MFP, you now have PC and desktop faxing. This allows you to receive faxes electronically, saving on print costs. Adding scanning to your Konica Minolta Bizhub MFP can help increase efficiency, too, as most big box store scanners are much slower than the bizhub scan rate of up to 78 ppm.

As you can see, staying up-to-date with your printer and copier equipment is critical to keeping your business running efficiently. If you’re a business owner in Canton, Akron, Youngstown or Western Pennsylvania, let us help you become more productive. Contact us today.