Understanding Your Copier Service Agreement

copier service agreementHow many of us have half-heartedly skimmed terms and conditions on a website and blindly clicked, “I agree”? We joke that we may have just signed our lives away to Facebook or Google. When it comes to your business and business agreements like contracts, warranties or service agreements, it is important to understand the ins and outs of what you have signed or purchased.

Ed Brudzinski, Regional Service Manager for Visual Edge IT Ohio, joins us this week on Frankly Speaking to answer some common questions and to remind you of some important things you need to understand about copier and printer service agreements.

What are the benefits of a service agreement?

A service agreement keeps your copier or printer up to Konica Minolta specifications at all times. If you have an issue such as jamming, copy quality or an error code, you can place a call knowing that it will be taken care of in a timely manner at no additional charge by Visual Edge IT Ohio’ award-winning service department. This gives you peace of mind and can save you money over time by not being charged per issue.

What are the main components of a service agreement?

There are four main components a service agreement covers:

  1. Labor: All labor to repair your machine is included, no matter how simple or complex the issue.
  2. Parts: You can rest assured we will only use the highest quality Konica Minolta-approved parts to repair your copier or printer.
  3. Mileage: Costs associated with calling a technician on-site can add up, especially if you are located farther away from the repair facility. With a service agreement, all mileage costs are covered at no additional cost.
  4. Toner: Toner replacement is also included in your service agreement, allowing you to keep your toner costs worry-free.

Plus, if we cannot repair the machine on the premises, we will provide a copier or printer on loan until repairs can be made in our shop, at no additional charge.

How are service agreements billed and are they renewed annually?

Flexible billing options are available for your service agreement. You can choose to have the contract billed monthly, quarterly or yearly. Service agreements are automatically renewed annually.

If I do not have a service agreement, will you still service my Konica Minolta copier or printer?

Absolutely. We will give you an estimate for repairs and if you decide to have the work done, the estimate fee will be waived. Once again, this is where a service agreement can be a big benefit. No need to worry about unexpected repair costs with your copier or printer.

What happens if I want to purchase a new piece of equipment during my service agreement?

In today’s fast-paced business world, you need to be agile and adapt quickly to changes in technology and in the marketplace. Before the end of your service contract, you may realize that your business needs to upgrade its equipment.  The service contract can easily be transferred over to the new equipment.

If you are a business owner in Canton, Akron, Youngstown or Western Pennsylvania, contact us to find out how our award-winning service team can help your business.

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