A Copier and Printer Company That Cares About Core Values

It seems that everyone is talking about core values these days.  For us, our core values define fundamental standards and guidelines for our employees and represent ‘who we are’ as a company. 

As a provider of quality copiers, printers and office solutions for Northeast Ohio – including Canton, Akron, Youngstown and even Western Pennsylvania – we take our responsibility to our customers and to the communities we serve very seriously. Here is what you can expect from Visual Edge IT Ohio each and every time you interact with us.

Service Excellence  

We provide service that goes beyond expectations. From award-winning service technicians and local service dispatch to a knowledgeable sales staff and an efficient administrative team, we work together to deliver an exceptional experience to our valued customers, partners, co-workers and vendors.

Passion for Our Business and Yours

We are passionate about building a better business, about helping you build a better business, about embracing new technology and about empowering our people to make good decisions based on our core values. We respond to our customers’ specific needs and are not happy until they are satisfied with every level of service we provide.  

Commitment to Employees

We are committed to our employees and strive for open communication at all times. We encourage growth and learning and help our people enjoy success through additional opportunity. We support a positive work environment and promote a healthy team and family spirit. We encourage employees to take part in creating increased automation and efficiencies. Ultimately, we hope to unlock the potential in each employee because we believe a satisfied employee makes an excellent customer service ambassador.

Resourcefulness with Technology and Operations

Do more with less while maintaining operational excellence is our creed. We are always looking for improved processes through innovation, improving operations and working more efficiently. We believe in combining and sharing resources, working collaboratively and eliciting creativity – all with a goal of becoming a better business partner for you.

Integrity, Plain and Simple

We strive to be fair and consistent, to act with honesty and integrity and to deliver the best solutions for our customers.  We do what is right for our company and our customers. We know that when a customer wins, we win.

Quality Products and Partnerships

For over 30 years, we have had a strong relationship with Konica Minolta, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of copiers and printers, and have been awarded its Pro-Tech award for service excellence every year since its inception in 1988. Our long-term partnership with Konica Minolta allows us to take advantage of programs that benefit our customers. We take great pride in our Konica Minolta recognition, as well as their continued support of our success.

Emphasis on Building Relationships

Our success is the result of long-term relationships we strive to build. Customers that we keep, tenured employees and strong vendor partnerships allow us to accomplish great things. We learn from our past experience and share our knowledge with those we work closely with. We offer ongoing training and development for employees and customers and deliver added value with every new copier.


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