How Managed Print Services Can Save You Money

The typical office spends thousands of dollars each year on printing, copying, faxing and filing documents. Are your resources being used efficiently? A print assessment by Visual Edge IT Ohio’ Managed Print Services department can help you identify areas of improvement that could result in sizable monetary savings. Managed Print Services Specialist Noelle Frank has a knack for understanding client needs and suggesting the best way to manage a company’s printer costs and maintenance. She has helped multiple businesses in Canton, Akron, Youngstown and Western Pennsylvania attain a better perspective of their printing needs—and saved them money in the process. [...]

What is the Cloud and What Does it Have to Do With My Copier?

You have probably heard people talk about "the cloud" or moving their business files to the cloud. But what exactly is cloud computing? And how in the world does it have anything to do with my office copier? What Is the Cloud? The best place to start in beginning to understand the cloud is the use of a mainframe computer "back in the day." In the early days of computers, mainframe machines could easily take up an entire room and were cost prohibitive for businesses to own. Businesses would share use of a mainframe computer off-site. This is the earliest use [...]

3 Features You May Not Realize Are Available on Your Copier

The number of functions and features available on Konica Minolta multi-function printers and copiers is astounding. In fact, we find that there are so many options available that often businesses are not always aware of everything their printer/copier can do. There are features that you may not be aware of that could be saving you time and increasing office productivity. In this post, Chip Reihl, our general manager of sales, enlightens us on three features you can start taking advantage of at your office. 1.Mobile Printing App As the workforce becomes more mobile, so are multi-function printers and copiers. No, [...]

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Educational Lunch Event Focuses on Mobile App Convenience

Our Learn-At-Lunch Series continues to be both successful and beneficial to the many participants from area Canton and Akron businesses. At our most recent event, attendees enjoyed a terrific lunch and learned how to print from their Android-based devices to compatible Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function printers. The PageScope Mobile app came as a direct response to the increasing use of mobile devices by office workers. The convenience factor with this app cannot be emphasized enough! What could be easier than printing wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet? PageScope Mobile, which is also available for Apple® mobile devices, really does make [...]

Print App Adds Functionality to Konica Minolta Printers

As a user of Konica Minolta’s award-winning line of bizhub multifunctional printers, you are already aware of the many features that make everyday document handling fast and efficient. But did you know that our PageScope Mobile printing app allows you to print directly from your Android™-based smart phone? Now that is productivity at its finest. In addition to using the print app to print directly from your Android device, you can also scan documents for instant access. PageScope is the perfect choice for hospital personnel who want to print reports or patient files; teachers and students who need to print [...]

How to Put Konica Minolta’s Printing App to Work for iPads/iPhones

Want to get the most out your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device and your Konica Minolta printer? Konica Minolta's PageScope Mobile app is a cutting-edge application that connects your mobile Apple device with our line of bizhub multi-function printers. After installing the printing app from the iTunes Store, you can print directly from your Apple device, as well as scan documents for instant access on those devices. Setting up a wi-fi connection between your Apple mobile device and Konica Minolta printer is simple, and I will explain how to add a printer to your device. Before you get [...]

Help Prevent Counterfeiting by Securing Your Copiers and Printers

The practice of counterfeiting currency is as old as money itself. What's new is the spin that modern technology has given this ancient crime. In the past, forgers who created fake currency needed not only offset presses and special inks, but also high-level skills with engraving plates. Today, state-of-the-art printers and copiers have taken over where this illegal art form left off. At the end of the 2009, there was approximately $893 billion in United States currency in circulation, along with $69 million in counterfeits. The vast majority of those counterfeit bills were made by amateurs using high-tech digital copier and printer products. [...]

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How to Make a Banner with Your Konica Minolta Printer

One of the most unique features of select Konica Minolta copiers and multi-function printers is the ability to create banners. In fact, I have not seen any other copier or printer manufacturer offer this option with office equipment. Having a vinyl banner made professionally can be expensive, especially if you do not need it for a long period of time. A color banner that's printed on a Konica Minolta looks truly impressive and is simple and cost-efficient to make. I have invited our trainer Mike Irwin to provide a step-by-step guide for you. 1. Purchase Pre-Cut Banner Paper First The [...]

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Gearing Up for HIPAA Compliance Audits in IT, Part 1

When the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - affectionately known as HIPAA - was passed in 1996, no one was seriously thinking about how things like the Internet, electronic health records (EHRs), cloud computing and smartphones would affect personal health information (PHI). Fast forward 13 years to 2009, when the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Suddenly, there was an intersection between EHR adoption, government incentives and the safety and security of electronic PHI. Thanks to HIPAA, HITECH and other factors too numerous to list [...]

Bizhub: The Efficient Onramp & Offramp for Your Document Workflow

Even though going paperless may be a goal your business is working toward, I’m betting you aren’t quite there yet. And, even if you do some type of electronic document management, perhaps your efforts are scattered across several different platforms. I've invited Chip Reihl, our sales manager, to share a solution that can get you closer to a paperless workplace and help you better organize all incoming and outgoing documents.   With the capabilities of a copier, printer, fax machine, scanner and more, Konica Minolta’s line of Bizhub multi-function copiers can become the hub of your communication as it relates to paper and [...]

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