Why Buy from an Authorized Copier and Printer Dealer?

Purchasing a copier or printer for your office or business requires thought and consideration. There are many elements involved in the decision making process, from budget to what features are needed. One element, in particular, should be at the top of your list—who are you going to purchase the product from? With a large purchase like this, it is important to consider the quality of the vendor you are buying from. Visual Edge IT Ohio is proud to be an authorized Konica Minolta dealer, but what does it mean to be an authorized dealer? And, why should you purchase business [...]

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3 Features You May Not Realize Are Available on Your Copier

The number of functions and features available on Konica Minolta multi-function printers and copiers is astounding. In fact, we find that there are so many options available that often businesses are not always aware of everything their printer/copier can do. There are features that you may not be aware of that could be saving you time and increasing office productivity. In this post, Chip Reihl, our general manager of sales, enlightens us on three features you can start taking advantage of at your office. 1.Mobile Printing App As the workforce becomes more mobile, so are multi-function printers and copiers. No, [...]

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Sales is Just a Numbers Game

Looking at sales as a numbers game is an easy way to break the process down into manageable steps. Plus, it helps you build up your experience and expand your territory. Chip Riehl, sales manager for Visual Edge IT Ohio, a company that specializes in sales and service of Konica Minolta printers, copiers and multi-function printers, shares his tips on how to play the numbers game of sales.

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Setting Goals in Sales and Life

Whether you want to improve your sales, lose weight or even buy a new car, you need to understand how to set goals and apply yourself diligently to achieving them. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of goal setting because it's been a key component in my sales and business success for years. The following steps, as explained by Visual Edge IT Ohio Sales Manager Chip Reihl, can help you define your goals - whatever they may be - and learn how to make practical forward progress: Goal setting, at the start, requires having a mental conversation with yourself. Start [...]

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Increase Sales by Understanding Customer Personality Types

I've been in sales for more than two decades now and have seen many things change in the world of print management services. However, even though copiers and printers continue to evolve, the personalities of the people who buy them have stayed the same. If you're looking for that "can't-miss" tool to improve sales of whatever product or service you sell, then I recommend mastering the skill of identifying customer personality types and styles. I've invited our sales manager, Chip Reihl, who's been in sales since 1992, to share what's he's learned about customer-focused selling: Much has been written about [...]

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