An Ode to the bizhub Printer & Copier

“Love what you do and do what you love." — Ray Bradbury We love what we do and we love our products! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Chip Reihl, Visual Edge IT Ohio' General Manager of Sales (a.k.a "The Catalyst"), wrote this ode to the Konica Minolta bizhub printer and copier. You can sing it in your head like Goose and Maverick to the tune of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" as you read it. Enjoy! I've Got That bizhub Feeling It won’t make a page anymore when I click to print And when I call for service the dispatchers don’t [...]

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Do You Have the Right Printers and Copiers for Your Office?

We hear a lot about productivity and efficiency in today’s modern office, but how does that translate to your business? You may be wondering, how can I be any more efficient than I am right now? The answer may lie in the equipment you use on a daily basis, specifically your printers and copiers. In this week’s post, I will pose some questions to help you determine if your current equipment is still meeting your needs, or if an update would significantly impact your bottom line. […]

Konica Minolta’s Next Generation of Copiers–Not Your Grandmother’s Copier

Who else can remember their teacher handing out "dittos" or "dups" in class? I can remember the classic lavender or mauve color ink and their distinctive smell, but I might be dating myself. Copiers have come a long way since the days of the spirit duplicator, more commonly referred to as the ditto machine. The capabilities of this next generation of copiers and multifunction printers are truly amazing. Chip Riehl, Visual Edge IT Ohio' general manager of sales, has shared four key features of Konica Minolta’s next generation of copiers. These features not only set them apart from your grandmother’s [...]

How Konica Minolta Printers and Copiers Can Empower Your Success

We have a long tradition of empowering our customers in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania with the tools they need to be successful. We know the Konica Minolta printers and copiers we provide will make you more productive, more efficient and more profitable. We also are proud to let you know that Konica Minolta products meet Section 508 Compliance, ensuring that everyone in your place of business can easily access and benefit from the use of our equipment. Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act requires companies with federal contracts to select product offerings that comply with evolving standards for [...]

How to Put Konica Minolta’s Printing App to Work for iPads/iPhones

Want to get the most out your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device and your Konica Minolta printer? Konica Minolta's PageScope Mobile app is a cutting-edge application that connects your mobile Apple device with our line of bizhub multi-function printers. After installing the printing app from the iTunes Store, you can print directly from your Apple device, as well as scan documents for instant access on those devices. Setting up a wi-fi connection between your Apple mobile device and Konica Minolta printer is simple, and I will explain how to add a printer to your device. Before you get [...]

Konica Minolta Debuts New Production Print Equipment

Just as technology has changed dramatically with business copiers and printers in recent years, the same holds true for commercial printing. You no longer need a large offset press to create quality, affordable printed materials at high volumes. Konica Minolta, for example, offers a wide range of high-end production printing equipment that makes it easy for printers and even in-house printing shops to: Lower costs Boost production efficiency and output Deliver even better-looking printed products For a commercial printer, all that can add up to one thing: increased profitability. So, if you're thinking about upgrading your digital printing machines, I would [...]

Printers and Copiers for the Youngstown and Warren Areas Since 1991

Many momentous things happened in 1991. Operation Desert Storm began and concluded, South Africa dismantled Apartheid and the USSR was formally dissolved. On a much smaller scale, we were making history at Visual Edge IT Ohio, too. In 1991, we opened our Youngstown office on Market Street near Shields Road. Today we employ five sales people and four technicians – all Pro-Tech certified – at the office, which covers three Northeast Ohio counties (Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana) and two in Western Pennsylvania (Mercer and Lawrence). In every way, our Youngstown office is a local company. It's big enough to meet the needs [...]

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Order Office Supplies Online; We Will Deliver Them to Your Door!

Looking for a more convenient way to order office supplies for all the copiers and printers in your office? Often, the same company that sold you the office equipment in the first place can offer personal service, fast delivery and competitive pricing on office equipment supplies. At Visual Edge IT Ohio, that is one way we serve our customers throughout Canton, North Canton, Akron, Youngstown and beyond. Even though we exclusively sell Konica Minolta copier and printer products, our new online office supply store is one place where you can get all printer, fax and copier supplies for Sharp, Ricoh, [...]


Bizhub: The Efficient Onramp & Offramp for Your Document Workflow

Even though going paperless may be a goal your business is working toward, I’m betting you aren’t quite there yet. And, even if you do some type of electronic document management, perhaps your efforts are scattered across several different platforms. I've invited Chip Reihl, our sales manager, to share a solution that can get you closer to a paperless workplace and help you better organize all incoming and outgoing documents.   With the capabilities of a copier, printer, fax machine, scanner and more, Konica Minolta’s line of Bizhub multi-function copiers can become the hub of your communication as it relates to paper and [...]

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