Banner Printing to Support Our Troops

Custom-printed banners for U.S. TroopsI believe the men and women of our military deserve honor and admiration for the sacrifices they make every day on our behalf and on the behalf of our nation. They risk their lives to protect us and endure difficult living and working conditions so that we may enjoy our freedom.

My son is currently serving in the United States Marines, and my wife and I are very proud of him. I look forward to the day when we will welcome him home to Stark County.

If you have the privilege of welcoming home a military family member in the near future – perhaps a spouse, child or sibling – then Visual Edge IT Ohio would like to help you do that in a noteworthy way. At no cost to you, we will create and print banners you can take to a homecoming reception to show your support of your loved one. It’s our way of thanking him or her for service.

Again, the banners for the troops are free for military families. Each one is made of 11-in. by 40-in. card stock and printed on our multi-function printers. Please allow two to three days for us to produce the banner, which must be picked up at our offices. We are conveniently located near the Akron-Canton Airport at 3874 Highland Park NW in North Canton.

To order, I recommend sending an e-mail to You can also call Denise Dennewitz at 330-491-2975. She’ll be happy to assist you.  Click here for more information!

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